The Daly Home Project

Our clients speak about their experience with Emerald Homes..

After two years of designing and going through the county's permitting process we were ready to build our dream home! We had interviewed several builders and went to see many of their projects. For what we were looking in our home, Emerald Homes was an easy choice.

We witnessed the start of many home projects that lingered on for well over a year, even two. Emerald Homes promised a one year turn around and delivered on schedule. The sub contractors showed up timely and completed their work on schedule. It was not unusual to see a crew on our lot on a Saturday working to get the job done. Everyone was diligent on working to meet the deadline. Our tear down was in March 2010 and by December 2010 we were moving in!

Jerry Foster of Emerald Homes was instrumental in adding ideas to further improve our project. We incorporated many of his ideas and added features to our home such as some interior wall changes to appreciate the architectural design and features such as a Christmas package (a single switch controls each window candle throughout the house), chandelier hoists that lower the chandeliers from a 2 story ceiling (to change light bulbs easily) and an elevator. These are ideas that must be added during the building process, and we learned about these, and others from Jerry.

My husband and I were new to the building process, and as we saw the construction project move into phases, we made changes. We found Jerry was open to our changes and did not "price gauge" us on our requests. After many changes, we were thankful!

- Peter & Jennifer Daly